Welcome to Monroe County Martial Arts

223 S. Pete Ellis Drive #19, P.O. Box 7372
Bloomington, Indiana 47408
(812) 339-5425

Easy to find location
Across 3rd street from the College Mall and next to Learning Treasures

No Contracts!!       Plenty of parking!!

Spring Break Closure Information
We will be closed on Saturday March 9 and Wednesday March 13
Thursday March 14, we will not have a 3:30 class
Saturday March 16, we will not have a 9:30 class

Important reminders for Students and Parents

Please make sure your children take their OWN jackets/shoes/sparring gear when they leave.
Take a few minutes to make sure that the items that your child is leaving with is actually theirs.
We have recently had several incidents of kids leaving with other peoples things.
If you see that you've taken other people's belongings please contact us and return it immediately!
For some children that may be the only winter coat or pair of shoes they have....and replacing it can be costly.
Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Please pull in to a parking space when dropping off or picking up your child.  We have had some traffic jams in the parking lot recently that were caused by parents sitting in their cars (facing north/south) out front.  Remember that in addition to MCMA, there are many parents and children trying to get in and out of Learning Treasures and the 2 dance studios in the courtyard.  Let's keep the parking lot a safe and convenient place for everyone. 

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Bad weather conditions

When MCCSC schools are closed due to bad
weather then MCMA will also be closed.

Sharon Gettelfinger Memorial Scholarship

About Monroe County Martial Arts

A Progressive School For The 21st Century...

Monroe County Martial Arts (MCMA) offers more styles of martial arts than any other program in the area and is recognized as the leader in martial arts. In addition to the Korean art of Tae Kwon Do, MCMA has top notch instructors in a variety of systems from around the globe. We offer ten different martial arts.

Because of this progressive and open minded attitude towards training, our school is recognized as a leader in the martial arts community. Monroe County Martial Arts was founded in 1991 by newlyweds Steve and Linda Scott. Their goal was to provide Monroe County with fun, safe, and practical martial arts instruction for people from all walks of life.

Starting in a small studio with less than a dozen students, the Scotts quickly built their program. Outgrowing their original location, they moved MCMA to its present location in Williamsburg Village, just north of the College Mall.

MCMA has been featured locally on radio, television, and in newspapers. In October of 1993, Black Belt magazine named MCMA "School of the Month" in recognition of the school's achievements. In addition, many of MCMA's students and instructors have been recognized at the state and national level for their excellence in martial arts.

About Your Chief Instructor

Steve Scott began his martial arts training in Hawaii in 1973, eventually earning his black belt in Tae Kwon Do from Grand Master Duke Lee in 1978.  He was awarded his black belt in Hapkido in 1986, and his black belt in Modern Arnis from Grand Master Remy Presas in 1995.

Mr. Scott has taught martial arts for several schools and clubs during his many years as a Bloomington resident.  He also taught Tae Kwon Do and close combat tactics when he was an infantry officer in the Marine Corps.

Mr. Scott has made martial arts his sole profession. He is available and visible in the studio. He teaches at least one class each day and makes it a point to know every student. In addition to his role at MCMA, Mr. Scott is the martial arts director for the Monroe County YMCA where he and several other MCMA black belts teach classes. He is also the instructor for the Banneker Community Center's martial arts program for children. For more information on those programs, call the YMCA at 332-5555 or Banneker Community Center at 349-3735.