Sharon Gettelfinger Memorial Scholarship

Sharon Gettelfinger

In 2007 our dear friend and devoted martial arts student, Sharon Gettelfinger, passed away after a long struggle with cancer. 

Sharon came to us for training after her first round of chemotherapy and a mastectomy.  Sharon threw herself into training with a level of enthusiasm that we rarely see.  Showing exceptional drive and talent, Sharon worked her way to purple belt before her cancer returned.  After further treatments and surgeries she attempted-with difficulty-to continue her training.  Her husband told us that the saddest day of her life was when she was told by her physician she had to give up martial arts.

To be sure, Sharon had the fighting attitude of a black belt.  She also had an optimism and zest for life that was exemplary.  

Shortly before she passed away Monroe County Martial Arts established this scholarship for children in her honor.  She loved children, and she loved Monroe County Martial Arts.

We loved her, too.